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Utopian Community Grocery turning our food desert into an Oasis! 

The HANDS (Hope Art Networking and Diversity Services) Center is the 501c3 organization that will support this business incubator system which we will create to assist and uplift these business. Our goal is to create a space where we help small businesses: grocery store, restaurant, multimedia business, coffee and juice bar, salon, t-shirt company, greenhouse and fragrances and body products company.

We are the facilitators and will provide a majority of the fixtures, equipment and security for our building. We will seek out donations,
and grants to ensure that the building has all the fixtures, equipment, security and networking services to ensure success for each business.

We can provide a tax deduction for these items because these items are for the Center not the individual businesses. The business will utilize the equipment and services to increase their chances to begin successful.  During their 3 years at the HANDS Center, we will encourage, support and network with each business to increase network, increase inventory, increase profits, increase their knowledge in their industry and market their business to Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. After their 3 years, we encourage each tenant to obtain their own building which will allow us to bring the next business in to help them as well.

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